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Unfiltered Pure Maple Syrup, 1/2 Gallon Jug Grade, A Very Dark

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 What is unfiltered pure maple syrup? 

To make one gallon of pure maple syrup we boiled down between 45-60 gallons of raw maple sap.  Only water evaporates during the boiling process, the minerals which include zinc, potassium, manganese, thiamine, calcium, iron, magnesium, and riboflavin become more concentrated along with the natural sugars.  These minerals cause a cloudy appearance and are typically filtered out of the syrup before packaging, in our unfiltered maple syrup we do not filtered these concentrated minerals from the syrup giving the syrup a higher mineral content.  

Harvested from our wild, single forrest hard maple stand we are proud to offer maple syrup in its raw form.   No chemicals, GMOs or additives.  Enjoy all the minerals and nutrients mother nature intended maple syrup to have. Pure maple syrup with nothing filtered out.

Grade - Very Dark Strong Taste


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Customer Reviews

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Kimberley Riggs
This will do for now. Great tasting but still looking for Maple taste.

I am still looking for that REAL MAPLE TASTE of my youth. No one seems to have that any more, makes me think that everyone cuts their products. Makes me super sad. I will continue to get this product until I find something better.

Thank you for your product, quick shipping, customer service and easy website usage. 😀

Best maple syrup ever!

I love maple syrup and have been buying it for many years from stores or on Amazon. Old State syrup is at least 5 to 10 times as "maple-y" as any of the others. And you get the added bonus of it being much more nutritious than those other syrups.
Like the reviewer above, I read what filtering removes in the way of nutrients and that started me off on an internet search to find unfiltered syrup ... which is how I found Old State Farms here.
I love just sipping the syrup out of the bottle (or guzzling it...) and I like making a detoxifying lemonade with fresh lemon juice, maple syrup and a touch of cayenne. I experimented with making maple cookies or maple cake but was unable discover a recipe which gave me enough maple taste to satisfy me. Then I found I can take this syrup and heat it up to 240 degrees Fahrenheit to make an intense pure maple frosting that's simply terrific on any kind of yellow cake or spongecake. (I would try it on a chocolate cake, but I think the chocolate would detract from the maple flavor I love.)
You can bet I'll be buying Old State's unfiltered syrup for many years to come!

That's a simple way to bake maple frosting. Thanks for sharing it with our community!

David Coonfield
Great Maple Syrup

Love the smell and taste of this syrup. Great!

Addition to my Coffee

Nice to know I am adding healthy minerals in sweetness to my coffee. Keep up the purity of your products. Thanks

black and beautiful

My favorite of the Very Dark brands I’ve tried. The extra minerals definitely add to depth of the flavor. I swirl the bottle before pouring, to keep the minerals from settling. Still, there is a little bit of sediment noticeable in the last drops. When I rinse the bottle with water, even without much sweetness remaining in the rinse water, I enjoy the last taste of the minerals. It may not be for everyone, but it’s for me. I normally order from only Vermont farms (even avoiding Canadian competitors) and I’ll admit I was skeptical of what I’d get from neighboring PA, but I was pleasantly surprised. I read on another site about the filtering process, which led me to search for unfiltered syrup, and I’m so glad I ended up here. The tree does so much work to make the sap and uptake the minerals from the soil; seems a shame to just filter it out. Also, although I didn’t measure my blood glucose response, it did seem like a milder sugar rush (I guzzle it...don’t judge!) than other syrups.

Well said! I may be a bit biased but here in Pennsylvania we make some darn tasty maple syrup!

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