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Time to Tap

We took advantage of the warm weather last week to start tapping.  My son and nephew spent the day with me working on our woods along the Allegheny River.  More than once I found myself gazing down at the river and the apposing hillside enjoying the natural beauty.  And to be working along side my son and nephew was all the more rewarding.  By the end of the day we had 490 taps in and the sap was flowing pretty well.  The next day we went out and did another 450 taps at another woods.  At 39 I consider myself in relatively good shape but these guys were like billy goats up and down the steep hillsides along the river.  If you give 13 year olds plenty of snacks (deer jerky, PB&J’s, bananas ect.) they can go all day without stopping.
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