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It’s Sugar Season

The 2015 season is in full swing.  Tapping was a real chore this year with 24″ + snow in the woods but we pressed on.  We had a late start due to the unseasonably cold and long winter.  We started the season off with a bang and I mean that literally. Our first day hauling sap we burned out the rear knuckle on our sap hauling truck.  We managed to drive the truck to repair shop 45 minutes away and she was back up and running within 24hrs.  One of our biggest challenges so far has been getting the sap from one of our sugarbushes that has a “no winter maintenance” (i.e. from Nov to April your’re on your own) road.  For the past 13 years we have been able to access the woods where the tank sits with a 4 wheel drive pick up and when the snow melts, our big truck.  This year, no such luck.  The sap started running and the road still had 18″ of snow.  We resorted to pumping the sap 1200Ft out to a main road, filling our 1500GAL tank took around 2hrs.  The good news, we only had to do this 5 times.  As of this post we are still ferrying sap via 4 wheel drive pickup from the tank to our big hauling truck.  I am hopeful that later this week we the road will finally melt off.  The crop thus far has exceptional flavor but lacking some what on volume (I don’t see us breaking any records this year).  We are hopeful the season will last two more weeks but that is in mother nature’s hand. C360_2015-03-23-14-59-02-876

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