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1/2 Gallon Pure Maple Syrup

$ 37.95

1/2 Gallon Pure Maple Syrup

$ 37.95

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1/2 Gallon Jug (64oz) Available in 3 grades, please see flavor guide below.

Amber color rich taste (formerly Grade A medium) Mild maple flavor with a medium amber color, good on pancakes, waffles, yogurt or fresh fruit.

Dark color robust taste (formerly Grade A Dark) Deeper color with a more developed flavor profile.  Very versatile grade, tastes great on breakfast food as well as in dressings, glazes and sauces.

Very dark strong taste (formerly Grade B) Our darkest offering.  For those of you who enjoyed our grade B, this is your grade.

The International Maple Syrup Institute (IMSI) proposed these grade changes to improve clarity in the maple syrup industry. With the new grades in place, it’s much easier for consumers to understand the flavor of each grade. The descriptive flavors clearly outline the maple syrup scale.  We have adopted the new grading standards as of Dec 1st, 2016.  Please see the other product images for more information.
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Pure maple syrup from Old State Farms

Each spring we brave the cold, snow and rain to tend our sugar bush in Northwest PA.  Boiled in small batches to ensure intense maple flavor. Our maple syrup is the best you’ll ever taste.
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1/2 Gallon Pure Maple Syrup
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