New Grading Rules


In 2014 the International Maple Syrup Institute (IMSI) introduced a new set of grading rules to govern how maple syrup is labeled.  The one major change is the elimination of Grade B.  To some the term “grade B” had a negative connotation, implying that grade B was inferior or a lower quality product.  As many

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Time to Tap


We took advantage of the warm weather last week to start tapping.  My son and nephew spent the day with me working on our woods along the Allegheny River.  More than once I found myself gazing down at the river and the apposing hillside enjoying the natural beauty.  And to be working along side my

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Almost Time to Pull Honey


The last few weeks have been great honey weather.  Hot, sunny and dry.  With the hot weather the bees have to regulate the temperature in the hive.  Their first instinct is to put attendants on the landing board fanning their wings to move cool air into the hive.  The second is for bees to move

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It’s Sugar Season


The 2015 season is in full swing.  Tapping was a real chore this year with 24″ + snow in the woods but we pressed on.  We had a late start due to the unseasonably cold and long winter.  We started the season off with a bang and I mean that literally. Our first day hauling

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Hives in Winter

Winter Hives

Cold Temperatures and snow have been plentiful this winter, just this morning the mercury was at -8F.  So far I think the bees are doing well, about 2 weeks ago we had some sun and there were bees moving around on the landing boards.  The next month will be the critical time.  Food stores will

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Merry Christmas!


We want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and happy New Year.  We are thankful for our successes and trails from 2014 and look forward with hope to 2015.  We were able to see all of Alethea’s family (all 13 siblings get together for a family gift exchange the week after Christmas) and my sister

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New Website


Our new website is done, sigh!  Same great products with an updated look and some cool functionality.  The idea for a new site was mostly forced upon me.  Support for our old site was no longer available and as updates to WordPress continued the code for our site became out dated.  By September we were

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